Disability and specific educational needs

Frequently asked questions

  • We are the inclusion support service of the UAB-PIUNE. We work to guarantee that every person, independent of their disability or SEN can access higher education with equality of opportunity and enjoy a full academic and social life and autonomy at university like the rest of their peers.

  • If you are a new user, follow these instructions to join PIUNE. 
  • If you want to continue as a PIUNE user, please remember that you have to renew your membership every year. We will contact you to remind you to make a renewal appointment.

  • Students who are in possession of a disability certificate.
  • Students who can justify a “special condition” for health reasons, whether permanent or temporary, such as learning disorders or physical injury etc.

  • Yes, all students have to present the disability certificate and/or medical or psychology report and their university registration document to use the service.

  • Yes, all information about students is managed by PIUNE, which then produces specific reports for the SEN tutor of the faculty or centre. The tutor then communicates the information to the teaching staff.

  • It is the person responsible for coordinating the student support with the faculty or school and is answerable to the Dean’s Office, acting as a link between the PIUNE and/or other service, teaching staff and students with SEN.
  • See the list of tutors by faculty

  • It is an educational strategy consisting in making elements of the curriculum more accessible taking into account the individual characteristics of each student. We generally recommend “non-significant” adaptations in the sense that they do not modify basic elements of the curriculum but affect: methodology, organisation, setting, technological resources, etc.  

  • Register or renew their usership of with PUINE (this must be done each academic year).
  • Have submitted a SEN report in person to the tutor in the faculty.
  • The tutor must have informed the students teachers.
  • The student should talk to the teaching team to identify themselves and agree on the details of the support.
  • Fill in the following form for each exam: https://goo.gl/forms/qV8IYMw14AHNd93I2  
  • PIUNE will check, notify and confirm the adaptations requested by e-mail to the contact address of the teacher provided by the student on the form above.