BioEclosion is a company that has developed a rapid diagnostic test for celiac disease, analyzing the patient's blood in the same doctor's office specialist.


Usually, to find out if a person is celiac, you need to go to specialized laboratories. The company's goal is to prevent this long process and make a non-invasive test. The biosensor functions is similar to a glucometer and also allows control of the evolution of the disease, by analyzing the degree of celiac patients on a regular basis, as well as evaluating the relatives of a patient already diagnosed.

This company is the result of a project borned during the 2013 Ideas Generation Program organized by the UAB Research Park. The researchers won the second prize in that program, and the first prize of program VALORTEC 2015 of ACCIÓ.


Address: Eureka building · UAB Research Park (Campus UAB · 08193 Bellaterra)