Pump-it Nanotech S.L


Pump-it is an start-up dedicated to the field of microfluidics. The company, driven by Carlos Rubio and Andreu Enfedaque (two alumni UAB), has developed a system that improves the microfluidic devices because it reduces analysis time, improves signal quality and decreases the size of the device.


Currently microfluidic devices are revolutionizing the fields of chemical and biological analysis, allowing the fluid control and analysis on a very small scale. But one of the main problems of this device is the formation of air bubbles, which are very difficult to remove and interfere with the detection system.

The system developed by Pump-it try to give a solution to this problem.


Address: 188 Balmes Street, 7th floor #2, Barcelona (08006), Spain.

Telephone: 698235692

E-mail: adm.pumpit@gmail.com

Web: http://pumpitnanotech.com/