Applied Nanoparticles


Applied Nanoparticles (AppNps) is a spin-off of the Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology (ICN2), the University Autonoma of Barcelona (UAB) and the Institut Català de Recerca i Estudis Avançats (ICREA). Among is co-founders are scientist from these institutions, international experts on RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation), and experts in e-communication (see for example the tweeter account “biogasplu”) and experts in business development and technology transfer as Nanonica (CH). 

The main current objective of AppNps is the commercial exploitation of the patent application "biogas production", in the U.S. and Europe, consisting of the use of iron oxide NP as additives to optimise the production of biogas. AppNps also develops projects on the production, characterisation and commercialization of model NP, as well as consulting work related to other possible industrial uses.In this regard, AN explores the use of iron oxide NP or similar in other applications, such as catalysis, environmental remediation, energy storage, drug, imaging contrast agent, bacteriostatic and bactericide substance or hyperthermia.


Address: Àlaba street 88 · Barcelona

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