Ypsicon is a technology-based company dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of components and systems for the processing and packaging of beverages, food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Ypsicon exclusively offers new UHPH technology (Ultra High Pressure Homogenization). The UHPH allows sterilization, homogenization and stabilization of liquid, without affecting the organoleptic properties or their active components. This new technology uses a combination of high pressure and temperature for treating liquids and gels, extending its life and eliminating the need for additives and preservatives, allowing get products with high added value.


Ypsicon manufactures:
  • Equipment UHPH of 15 l/h, 100 l/h 1000 l/h 3000 l/h. 
  • HTST pasteurizers 100 l/h to 1000 l/h. 
  • Aseptic bottling 100 l/h to 1000 l/h 
  • Bottled ultra clean 500 l/ha 9000 l/h.


Address: C/ Via Trajana 56-60 Nau 21 - 08020 Barcelona

Telephone: 93 313 32 37

E-mail: info@ypsicon.com

Web: http://www.ypsicon.com