Cognicor Technologies is a spin-off from the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of CSIC. It has developed an online platform for conflict resolution between two parties using artificial intelligence tools. Cognicor Automated Technologies offers a complaint resolution system to improve and streamline customer service companies who process complaints quickly and demands of high volume (airlines, insurance, commerce, telecommunications).


The system CogniSettle analyzes and compares the claim of producing a similar customer complaints immediately resolved without human intervention in the process. However, if the customer is not satisfied, the platform of the company (CogniDeal) allows an agent to negotiate directly with the Internet. CogniDeal, generic trading platform, it can only be used to settle the claims, but also for e-commerce online negotiation offer.


Address: IIIA-CSIC Building (Campus UAB · 08193 Bellaterra)

Telephone: 661 259 759