NeuroHeal Biomedicals


NeuroHeal is a pharmaceutical combo of two approved drugs for the treatment of peripheral nerve injury that represents an unmet medical need. Peripheral nerve injury occurs after several and diverse causes such as traumatic lesions, nerve compression (e.g., by disc hernia), or entrapments like in carpal tunnel syndrome. The treatment with NeuroHeal has unique features for neuroprotection and acceleration of nerve regeneration, improving functional recovery after peripheral nerve injury. 


NeuroHeal efficacy has been validated in several preclinical animal models. Non-regulatory preclinical studies have been positively accomplished:  therapeutic doses range, bioanalytical method, pharmacokinetics, chronic toxicological analyses of the combination, and drug-drug interaction tests. The Intention to Grant the patent of the product has been recently obtained from the European Patent Office. 
NeuroHeal is seeking new investment to finish the regulatory preclinical phase.


Responsable: Caty Casas Louzao