Graphene Nanotech


Graphene Nanotech (GPNT) arises from the collaboration between private investors and researchers from the Aragon Materials Science Institute (ICMA), the Institute of Nanoscience of Aragon (INA) and the National Centre of Microelectronics (CNM). The company was established on March 2014 to investigate, produce and distribute high-quality epitaxial graphene grown on Silicon Carbide (SiC) substrates.


Their product consists of 8 x 8 mm2 -size pieces, cut from a semi-insulating, on-axis 4H-SiC wafer, with an epitaxial graphene layer grown on the silicon face of the silicon carbide substrate.


Responsable: Andoni Ruiz

Address: Eureka Building · Parc de Recerca UAB (Campus UAB · 08193 Bellaterra)