Smart Automotive Solutions


The company Smart Automotive Solutions was born with the objective of putting your eyes inside the car. Its product, Drivvisor, is a technology that allows to evaluate the quality of the driving and monitor the state of the driver in order to give warning tools in situations of risk, such as fatigue, drowsiness or distractions.

Until now, the main limitation to being able to carry out solutions like this was the requirement of the installation of a hardware with a high cost. Drivvisor proposes a solution to reduce and facilitate the process, using the mobile device as a monitoring device. How? With a specific app that can carry out the postural and emotional analysis that they propose. And is that these solutions will be highly necessary in the immediate future. As its founders explain, it is anticipated that car manufacturers will be able to introduce driver monitoring technologies in series from 2021 onwards.

The company was born from the "Intelligent Vehicle and Business Opportunities" program, organized by the UAB Research Park, the Computer Vision Center and the Engineering School of the UAB and financed by Catalonia Emprende.


Responsable: Andrés Cencerrado