Afferent Technologies


Afferent Technologies develops innovative instrumentation for clinical neurophysiology. It focus on multichannel amplifiers and stimulators to measure and stimulate brain, nerve and muscle activity.

Hardware-related expertise includes the design and production of application specific electronics (amplification and stimulation front-ends, signal conditioning and data acquisition). As for software, Afferent develops real-time and off-line multichannel data visualisation and processing tools.

To achieve superior mechanical stability, ease of positioning and optimal signal-to-noise ratio, Afferent also manufactures novel proprietary electrodes in various configurations.

Specific applications of our technology include EEG, EMG, DBS, Epicortical and Evoked Potentials (EPs) as well as R&D projects using cultured cells (usually neurons, glia and myocytes) or brain slices.


Responsable: Enric Claverol

Address: Eureka building · UAB Research Park (Campus UAB · 08193 Bellaterra)