Institute for Research and Innovation Parc Tauli (I3PT)


The Institute for Research and Innovation Parc Tauli (I3PT) is the result of the integration of excellence in knowledge and innovative capacity and improvement of the research groups integrated in the lines belonging to the research and constituent entities of the Institute: CSPT, FPT, UDIAT Diagnostic Centre, Sabadell Senior Citizens Service Center and University of Barcelona.

The institute will put into practice research tasks benefiting patients, with the aim of becoming one of the many health research institutes with a seal of quality from the Institute of Health Carlos III and from the Research Centres of Catalonia (CERCA).

The Parc Taulí foundation is in charge of the management of research and innovation projects conducted by I3PT through its technical office and research and innovation management structure. The foundation also serves as a transfer office of the results obtained through the research and innovation tasks. The I3PT will dedicate over 2,000 square metres in different areas of Parc Taulí to carry out these tasks.


I3PT consists of six areas of research (Cancer; Infectious Diseases, such as AIDS and sepsis; Epidemiology, improvement in health care and treatment of chronicity; Medical devices, ICT and image; Neurosciences and mental health and inflammation, immunology and metabolism) and a seventh of minority diseases, presently in the process of being founded with 35 active research groups. The different members of the institute maintain collaborations with 93 national and 50 international entities, and the institute participates in the countries main R&D&I networks and groups.


Responsable: Joan Martí López

Address: Parc Taulí, 1 (08208) Sabadell

Telephone: 93 723 66 73