BIO-GLS Technology Center


The BIO-GLS Technology Center represent the unification into a single brand of two consolidated research groups, one specialized in liquid handling systems and gaseous effluents (GENOCOV) and another specialized in the treatment of solid waste (GICOM).

The BIO-GLS Center's primary goal is the development of biological treatment processes for the comprehensive management of effluents, considering the cost, energy balance and the impact on the environment.


  • Management, treatment and recovery of waste (gaseous emissions, liquid effluents and solid waste)
  • Biological processes for the cleaning of waste water
  • Control, simulation and optimization of biological treatment processes (solid, liquid or gaseous) waste
  • Deodorizing gas emissions.
  • Design of Bioreactors for treating emissions.
  • Study, analysis and design of the composting process of municipal and industrial organic waste.
  • Determinations biodegragabilitat and stability of materials and products to soil and landfill.
  • Monitoring and control of waste treatment plants and evaluation of the effectiveness of the treatments and processes using respirometric rate. 


Address: School of Engineering (Campus UAB · 08193 Bellaterra)

Telephone: 93 581 33 02