iMath Research


Founded in 2012, iMath Research provides Big Data services for small and medium enterprises to the cloud. Such companies do not have options to use these services not having technical knowledge and high computational resources. Therefore developed a mathematical iMath Research application to make easily all kinds of computation, mathematical calculations and simulations-using large amounts of data, using the advantages of cloud computing (cloud computing).

The application developed by iMath Research estimates and analyzes data from a digital internal company and external data to find correlations and patterns, simulations and develop predictive models that help to improve their strategic decisions. Allows users to access and manage information 24 hours a day, through any device with an Internet connection and from any point on the globe provides greater computing power and information management and real-time responses.


Address: Manuel Lasala Street, Núm 42, 1ºA (Zaragoza)

Telephone: 976 696 301