Davantis Technologies was founded in 2005 and the company’s focus on video analytics program writing and software development makes it unique in video security. Davantis systems can be incorporated into any video camera surveillance set-up, whether new or existing, analogue or IP, visible light or thermal, and can be integrated with any hardware manufacturer.

Davantis use highly sophisticated proprietary algorithms to provide unbeatably accurate and effective automatic monitoring and notification of actual threat detection.


  • Detection of people. Automatic detection of persons in restricted areas. 
  • Detection of vehicles. Automatic detection of vehicles in restricted areas. 
  • Virtual barrier. Alert when an object crosses a barrier drawn on the image. Control inputs and outputs to differentiate the direction of motion. 
  • Presence suspicious. Detection of people moving into an area for a predetermined period of time. 
  • Parked vehicle. Detection of cars stopped at a control area. 
  • Sabotage. Detection sabotage the security camera. Video loss, change the camera orientation or obstruction of vision


Address: Eureka Building · Parc de Recerca UAB (Campus UAB · 08193 Bellaterra)

Telephone: 93 586 89 90

E-mail: smarterthinking@davantis.com

Web: http://www.davantis.com/