Aeris Environmental Technologies


Aeris is a spin-off of the Autonomous University of Barcelona comprising experts from the GENOCOV research group (UAB) with the desire to help industries and public entities to improve the environmental quality of their emissions. It is dedicated to R&D in the field of water and waste gases treatment allow us to have exclusive products which are highly competitive in terms of efficiency and installation and operation costs.


The activity of Aeris focuses on the design and implementation of bioreactors, systems for the depuration of waste waters and off-gases. Additionally, Aeris develops the following environmental services:
  • Design and implementation of bioreactors, biological systems for wastewater and contaminated gases 
  • Environmental services 
  • Environmental Consultancy. 
  • Assessing the quality of effluents and/or gaseous 
  • Performing analytical and physico-chemical characterization of effluent liquid and / or gaseous. 
  • Evaluation of technological alternatives for correcting situations environmentally sustainable 
  • Modification of existing treatment systems to adapt to new needs or to correct its performance. 
  • Monitor and control the operation of environmental treatment systems. 
  • Completion of specific training courses to managers of facilities including water treatment and waste gas. 
  • Design automation techniques and control for ad hoc environmental treatment systems.


Address: Carrer Santa Rosa 38 local (08290) Cerdanyola del Vallès)

Telephone: 93 140 0204