Center for Advanced Materials and Colloid Chemistry (QCI)


The mission and vision of QCI Centre is to study colloid surfactant systems, in order to contributing to
the development of new technological applications.

The QCI Centre is formed by two consolidated research groups of the Institute for Advanced Chemistryof Catalonia (IQAC), that belongs to the State Agency Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC). The objectives of the QCI Centre are focussed to the development of technological innovation projects in the fields of colloidal chemistry and advanced materials.

The QCI Centre is composed by qualified staff researchers and technical personnel, 30 members, with an important activity in applied research and technology transfer.


  • Study of self-aggregation processes of surfactant molecules.
  • Development of “tailor-made” formulations and novel technological applications, based on self-aggregation processes of surfactant molecules and colloidal surfactant systems.
  • Use of surfactant aggregates and colloidal dispersions as templates in the preparation of novel nanostructured materials.
  • Surface modification (functionalization) and incorporation of nanostructured materials.


Responsable: Jordi Esquena Moret

Address: IQAC-CSIC C/ Jordi Girona, 18-26 08034 Barcelona

Telephone: +34 93 400 61 00