Animal Nutrition and Welfare Service (SNiBA)


Animal Nutrition and Welfare Service (SNIBA) of the Department of Animal and Food Science is a scientific- technical service at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). It promotes and leads research in the agricultural and livestock sectors. The main objective of our service is to encourage knowledge transfer between the public university and private companies providing advice, management, development and integrated solutions to R&D projects in the fields of animal nutrition, management, production and welfare.


  • Swine aromatic functional food ingredients. 
  • Evaluation of nutrient to develop enriched CLA without reducing the amount of fat milk strategies. 
  • Improving the productive and economic efficiency of dairy farms by replenishing the flock. 
  • Design programs specific to swine genetics and respectful to the environment and animal welfare food. 
  • Application of electronic identification using passive transponders registration and traceability of sheep and goats. 
  • Changing the amount and distribution of fat deposited in chickens and pigs by nutritional strategies. 
  • Improved transport conditions for pigs. 
  • Tools to improve the adaptation of the piglet at weaning. 
  • Predicting the productivity and profitability of dairy farms. 
  • Evaluation of the limiting factors of growth and fattening of pigs on commercial terms. 
  • Nutritional strategy for the study of the profile and final content of AG in Iberian pig


Address: Department of Animal and Food Science, Building V, (Bellaterra · Barcelona)

Telephone: +34 93 581 1556