We open spaces in the Veterinary Library

Espais nous a la Biblioteca de Veterinària

Explore the new spaces at the UAB Veterinary Library 


We put a touch of color to the Veterinary Library and we open new spaces!

It was necessary to improve the comfort of the Veterinary Library and we are making an effort, in line with the Strategic Plan 2019-2022 of the UAB libraries, within the axis of transformation of the spaces of the Campus libraries.

Now, entering the Library you will find a multipurpose space aimed at all those who want to have a little "break" without having to be at a formal table. Choose between a sofa or a bean bag while you review your notes, check your mobile or socialize for a while.

What have we done ?

On floor 0 you will find a space with seats, which you can move, join or separate according to what you need: enjoy reading, finish a job,...

On floor -1 you will find a small relaxation area, where you can rest while you study or watch social networks.

You can not miss these new equipment, enjoy them!

We wait for you!



This information is related to the following SDG

  • Quality education