Photographic exhibition "Amic Amat" at the Social Sciences Library

Exposició Amic Amat

Collective exhibition in tribute to friendships of all kinds


The Social Sciences Library hosts the collective photographic exhibition “Amic Amat", lent by AFOCER, Agrupació Foto-Cine Cerdanyola-Ripollet. 

From the presentation text: 

From here we want to make a Tribute to Friendship.

So this exhibition is for you: with whom we have laughed, with whom we have cried, with whom I have been able to show myself vulnerable.

Because you love me and you accept me and I love you and I accept you as we are.

It's for you, Beloved Friend.

Visit the exhibition on the floor 0 of the Library until July 29th! 


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  • Good health and well-being