"We are surrounded by scoundrels"

La Colla de Sabadell

Under the slogan "We are surrounded by scoundrels" it was born in July 1919, La Colla de Sabadell, a group of young people intellectuals and artists who moved between provocative humor and cultural activism, led by writers Joan Oliver, Francesc Trabal and Armand Obiols.


From the Catalan Philology Department of the UAB, under the coordination of Professor Francesc Foguet and Olívia Gassol, together with the collaboration of the City Council of Sabadell, the Col·legi Pere Quart, La Institució de les Lletres Catalanes, La Societat Catalana de Llengua i Literatura, and La Comissió 100 Anys de la Colla de Sabadell, it is presented the symposium: La Colla de Sabadell: Joan Oliver, Francesc Trabal and Armand Obiols, which will take place on the days October 4 and 5 at the Casal Pere Quart in Sabadell.

This symposium proposes to re-establish the importance of La Colla de Sabadell in the context of contemporary catalan letters, analyze with a new look the cultural project that they gave flag, and re-read their work for suggest renewed interpretations.

You can check the program and full poster of the symposium here


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