Unit of Biosciences

Unitat de Biociències

The Biosciences Unit of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is located at the School of Biosciences, in the Bellaterra University Campus.
The Bioscience Unit hosts undergraduate students in internship, as well as Master and PhD students.
The research groups are located at the School of Biosciences and at Research Institutes:
School of Biosciences:
     Arús, Carles
     Group of biomedical applications of NMR (GABRMN)
     Boix, Ester / Nogués, M.Victoria
     Human RNases involved in host defense
     Daban, Joan-Ramon
     Chromatin Laboratory
     Farrés, Jaume / Parés, Xavier
     Oxidoreductases in Cellular Defense and Signaling. Search of
     inhibitors for therapeutic purposes
     Roque, Alicia
     Epigenetic regulation of the chromatin structure
     Torrent, Marc
     Systems Biology of Infection Lab

     Villegas, Sandra
     Protein Design and Immunotherapy

Institute of Biotechnology and Biomedicine:
     Avilés, Francesc Xavier / Vendrell, Josep / Lorenzo, Julia
     Protein Engineering and Proteomics
     Querol, Enric
     Molecular Biology (IBB)
     Reverter, David
     Structure of Proteins
     Ventura, Salvador
     Protein Folding and Conformational Diseases

Institute of Neurosciences:
     Bosch Merino, Assumpció
     Gene Therapy for Neurometabolic Disorders

Coordinator: Carles Arús
Office: C2/217
Tel: +34 581 1257
e-mail: Carles.Arus@uab.cat
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