-Government parts of the department:

  1. Council of the Department
  2. Director of the Department
  3. Team of direction of the Department


The Council of the Department, presided by the Director, is the College organ of the Department Government


The members of the Counsil are all its academy, doctoral staff and a representation of the rest of them, as it is a representation of the investigative staff, in formation of the personal of administration and student services.

The other categories of teaching and investigative staff, administrative and service staff and tird cycle students will be represented as follows

  1. Associate professor not doctor: two reprentatives
  2. Administration and services: one representative
  3. Students: A student in representation of the programs of Doctorate and Master of Investigation. A student in representation of masters and postgraduate studies


According to articles 93, 135 and 140 of the UAB statutes, the Council of Department capacities are:

  1. Create and aprove the internal regulation, as approved by the Government Council.
  2. Arrange the elections for director.
  3. Choose and dismiss the director.
  4. Aprove the distibution of expences and its management.
  5. Aprove the anual memoire of its activities.
  6. Make reports related to the creation of new departments, as well as the creation, modification, or elimination of degrees and their study plans, when they affect issues related tho their knowledge areas or specialities
  7. Coordinate the reaching activities of the department and propose themes of doctorate.
  8. Give suggestions to the Facculty Board, related to the study plans. 
  9. Promote the creation of research Insititutes.
  10. Arrange courses, seminars, and conferences among its areas of knowledge and specialties and coordinate this activities with other departments.
  11. Promote the formalization of contracts with public and private entities the the realization of artistic, technic and scientific works.
  12. Propose the convocatory of new posts among the university teachers, contracted teachers and assistant.
  13. Propose, for its designations, the members of the comisions of the selection of the teaching and investigative staff, contracted and functional, among the current statues.
  14. Propose the hiring of visiting teachers and naming of emeritus teachers.
  15. Propose the hiring of staff to excecute temporary of specific jobs.
  16. Create comissions.


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