Organisational Structure

The department is composed of two sections:

Language and Literature Education

Social Science Education

Each section has its own Governing Board and Head. All departmental faculty belong to one of the two Governing Boards. The Head of each section supervises and coordinates the activities and initiatives promoted by the faculty members of that section. The Head of each section is also responsible for representing the corresponding Governing Board in the Departmental Executive Board.

Internal Commissions
Currently, there is the Commission of Graduate studies. It is composed of the director of each graduate programme organised by the department, by a representative of senior researcher of the Language and Literature Education Section and by the Departmental Coordinator of Postgraduate Courses.

When needed, other commissions are convened.

External Commissions
The department has a representative in the Faculty Board and in the commissions set by the Dean of the Faculty of Education or the University Rector; Academic Affairs; Risks Prevention; Economy and Services; Innovation and Research, and Library.


Departament of Language, Literature and Social Science Education

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