The Department

The Department of Language, Literature and Social Science Education belongs to the Faculty of Education at UAB. Its role is to promote and organise teaching and research in the areas of language, literature and social science education. Staff members in the department are involved in the teaching of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. They are also responsible for supervising students? research theses, developing research projects, disseminating research results and promoting knowledge transfer activities.

Executive Board

The head of the department, the head of the Language and literature section, the head of the Social Science Section and the Coordinator of Postgraduate Courses constitute the Departmental Executive Board.

Governing Body

All faculty and administrative staff in the department are members of its governing body, which also includes a few representatives of junior researchers and undergraduate students and two postgraduate students.

The Governing Body of the department is responsible for the execution of the following tasks:

- To elaborate and execute the Department Policies.
- To elect the head of the department.
- To administer the Budget
- To coordinate teaching activities in the fields of language, literature and social science education at undergraduate and postgraduate level.
- To promote research and innovation and undertake knowledge transfer activities.
- To publish an annual report on the results obtained by the department in the areas of teaching and research.

Reglament del Departament de Didàctica de la Llengua i la Literatura i de les Ciències Socials (Acord del Consell de Govern de 29 de setembre de 2004 i modificat per l’acord de 10 de desembre de 2013) (pdf MB)


Departament of Language, Literature and Social Science Education

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