Esther Carreras Margalef
  • Biography
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    1 H.A., N.J., E.C., S.B., S.K., and C.O.J. contributed equally to this work .
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  • Orta-Mascaró, M., Consuegra-Fernández, M1., Carreras, E1., Roncagalli, R1., Carreras-Sureda, A., Alvarez, P., Girard, L., Simões, I., Martínez-Florensa, M., Aranda, F., Merino, R., Martínez, V.G., Vicente, R., Merino, J., Sarukhan, A., Malissen, M., Malissen, B., and Lozano, F. (2016) CD6 modulates the threshold for thymocyte selection and peripheral T cell homeostasis. J Exp Med 213, 1387-1397
    1M. C-F., E.C., and R.R. contributed equally to this work. (IF: 11.240)
    Potrony, M1., Carreras, E1., Aranda, F., Zimmer, L., Puig-Butille, J-A., Tell-Martí, G., Armiger, N., Sucker, A., Giménez-Xavier, P., Martinez-Florensa, M., Carrera, C., Malvehy, J., Schadendorf, D., Puig, S., and Lozano, F. (2016) Inherited functional variants of the lymphocyte receptor CD5 influence melanoma survival. Int J Cancer 139, 1297-1302 (IF: 5.531)
    1 M.P. and E.C contributed equally to this work. (IF: 5.531)
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    Simões, I.T., Aranda, F., Carreras, E., Velasco-de Andrés, M., Casadó-Llombart, S., Martinez, V.G:  Lozano, F., Immunomodulatory effects of soluble CD5 on experimental tumor models (in revision: Oncotarget)
    Simões, I.T., Martinez, V. G., Consuegra-Fernández, M., Alvarez, P., Orta-Mascaró, M., Velasco, M., Casadò, S., Aranda, F., Merino, R., Merino, J., Carreras, E.,  Alberola-Ila, J., Lozano, F. Immunomodulatory effects of human soluble CD6 in experimental mouse models of cancer and autoimmunity (submitted).Research ID: C-8946-2014



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