Anna Meseguer Navarro
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  • I did my Ph.D. under Dr. Lloyd J. Old mentoring in the field of Cancer Immunogenetics at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York and my post-doctoral training at the Rockefeller University where I was awarded with a National Institute of Health (NIH) Fellowship for the Endocrinology Training Program in Medicine, to work on the mechanisms of kidney-specific gene regulation by androgens. Afterwards, I became staff junior investigator at Rockefeller University, where I continued working in this field. In 1990, after 8 years in New York, I came back to Spain to establish myself as an independent investigator at Vall d’Hebron Hospital where I was involved on the building of a new Biomedical Research Unit (URB). Since 1990, I have been Group Leader and PI of many competitive projects on the renal physiopathology field. I have been director of 18 Ph.D. thesis and 31 Master thesis. My group a pioneer on the study of androgen action in kidney is a Consolidated Research Group from the Generalitat de Catalunya and member of IRSIN and REDinREN renal networks. From the most basic research in New York, and upon my return to Spain I was looking for more oriented translational research trying to correlate androgen action in kidney with toxicity by immunosuppressants, hypertension, metabolic processes and cancer. Recently, the role of androgens in kidney injury and kidney diseases has been acknowledged not only in mouse experimental models but also in humans. Our group has produced relevant publications on the role of the kidney androgen-regulated protein (KAP) in CsA toxicity prevention, development of hypertension and recently on the development of the metabolic syndrome. Our tide collaboration with urologists from Vall d’Hebron Hospital, being integrated in our research group has prompt the use of the mini pig model for studies of I/R injury and the subsequent regenerative processes in kidney, at the structural, biochemical and molecular level. The role of androgens in these processes is also being investigated as well as their implications in chronic kidney disease progression and renal cancer development. I am Associate Director for Translational Research at VHIR and Secretary of the internal Scientific Advisory Board. I am Associate Professor at the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department at the Faculty of Medicine of the UAB and co-coordinator of the Master on Translational Biomedical Research from VHIR.
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