Degree in Biochemistry

The degree in Biochemistry aims to train professionals to gain the conceptual tools and techniques necessary to generate new knowledge, at the molecular level, on the structural transformation, metabolic, energetic and information processes that take place in living organisms.

Biochemistry aims to explain these processes in terms of the properties and the interactions of the molecules that compose them. It is a discipline that opens the possibility for technical improvements that can be applied in very diverse fields, from the pharmaceutical industry and clinical diagnosis to food and environmental analysis.

The degree in Biochemistry provides basic training in mathematics, physics and chemistry; basic biological contents, especially in the cellular and molecular framework; general knowledge of the different areas of biochemistry, such as protein engineering, regulation of metabolism, bioenergetics, regulation of gene expression, macromolecular structure or clinical biochemistry, and methodological aspects, such as gene, protein, cellular, metabolic and systems engineering.

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