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Public Participation in the Institutions of the European Union

06-Public Participation in the Institutions of the European Union - Cristina Blasi

This course aims to analyze those rights linked to European citizenship, and also for people residing in the EU territory. It will address the case-law developed by the CJEU as well as the tools available for civil society to participate in the policies and decision-making processes in the EU. It will also provide more understanding on the means of communication that EU citizens and residents within the EU have before the institutions of the EU for expressing their opinions, practical needs and concerns

During the course, students will carry out different types of activities. A large part of the learning is acquired outside the classroom, through the autonomous study of the student. This study is complemented with the reading of texts and case-law, as well as the preparation and writing of assignments and activities.

Class attendance is essential because there will be several theoretical sessions, necessary for developing the assignments and activities. In addition, a large part of these activities are performed in class hours, and consist of the participation in debates, solving questions related to case-law or texts previously read, and also giving oral presentations.

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