Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering


This bachelor's degree ranks among the 151 to 200 best universities worldwide in the fourth edition of the QS World University Rankings by Subject

The Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering trains up experts in projects for chemical process installations, enabling them to develop systems for producing chemical materials and products cheaply and with minimal environmental impact.

The feature that distinguishes the UAB degree in Chemical Engineering is the projection of chemical engineering knowledge into the fields of bioengineering and technological applications in environmental engineering. The Department of Chemical Engineering has pioneered both these areas.

Through Specialisations (academic tracks) students in the fourth year can specialise in biochemical or environmental engineering, in materials engineering or engineering of chemical processes. The UAB has designed these to train up professionals in these areas, which open up many career opportunities]

One example of this is the MELiSSA project (Micro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative), an innovative laboratory belonging to the European Space Agency, which started up as part of a research programme on life support technologies, to test the viability of a long-term, manned space mission, on the initiative of UAB chemical engineers.

Career options

The main career options lie in the emerging bioengineering fields, particularly in environmental biochemistry and engineering, which the Department of Chemical Engineering of the UAB specialises in, as seen in two of the specialisation tracks offered.

Graduates tend to work in the following fields:

  • Process engineering in the industries of biotechnology, chemistry, petro-chemistry, pharmaceuticals, food, etc.
  • Process engineering in environmental technologies.
  • Chemical engineer.
  • Director of production.
  • Director and developer of research projects.
  • Research in research projects. 
  • Auditing, consulting and assessing.
  • Lecturing.

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