Catalan within reach

El catal al teu abast

Here you have a list of online resources to learn Catalan, classified by areas of interest and skills. You can also access the Centre for Independent Language Learning, where you'll find many resources to learn Catalan and other languages.

To learn Catalan and other Romance languages easily based on knowing at least one other Romance language.
Romanica Intercom: learning Romance languages simultaneously
Itineraris Romànics (Romance language itineraries): relating Romance languages to each other
FontdelCat: Catalan reading and listening skills, starting from another Romance language
EuRom5:a manual with web support to help with reading comprehension in five Romance languages
Comprensió Bàsica (Basic Comprehension): activities for reading and listening skills in Catalan

Falsos amics (False friends): for Android
General Language
Language courses, with grammar to fit the level.
Speakcat: A beginners' course in Catalan A course in all levels of Catalan

App Diccionari de la Llengua Catalana (Catalan Dictionary App): for Android and Iphone

To learn new Catalan vocabulary and idioms.
Viure a Catalunya (Living in Catalonia): over 1000 basic vocabulary items, with pictures
Viure a Catalunya. Comencem a parlar (Living in Catalonia. Let's start talking): Conversations on everyday topics. Mp3 files for listening and pdf files for reading Catalan words and expressions
MUDSdeMOTS: Vocabulary activities at different levels
Guia de conversa universitària (University Conversation Guide):typical university vocabulary and idioms, with audio support

App Guies de conversa universitària (University Conversation Guide App): for Android and Iphone
Aplica’t: To improve your vocabulary. Includes exercises. Culture and society. For Iphone

Culture and society
To get to know Catalonia's culture and customs.

80 pistes: pocket guide with information on the Catalan way of life

App agenda cultural (Cultural agenda app)for Android and Itunes
App Transports Públics de Barcelona (Barcelona Public Transport app)diverses aplicacions per a la mobilitat a la ciutat de Barcelona (to help you get around Barcelona)
You should also take a look at Intercat, which gives you online resources to learn about Catalan language and culture, and is mainly aimed at mobility students at Catalan universities.