Submission of projects

For the CEEAH/CEEA to evaluate experimental procedures, researchers must submit these through the application on the UAB intranet.

The first step to access the application is to sign into the UAB intranet with your NIU (university ID number) and password. The Aplicació de la Comissió d'Ètica" can be found in the "Portada" tab, by clicking on "Aplicacions intranet" in the right-hand menu.


  1. How to access the application.
  2. Submission, evaluation and approval of procedures by the CEEAH/CEEA.
  3. How the application works

How to submit a project to the CEEAH/CEEA

Contacting the animal welfare adviser

Installation Installation Code Animal welfare adviser
CBATEG B9900070 Pedro José Otaegui
Stabling Service B9900001 Ignacio Segovia
Farms and Experimental Fields Service B9900080 José Luis Ruíz de la Torre
Psychobiology B9900029 Ignacio Segovia


Contacting the human research adviser


Area of the procedure Area adviser
Social Sciences and Politics José Luis Molina / Miquel Torregrossa
Health Sciences Josep Santaló / Vicente Martínez
Law Isabel Pont
Humanities Miquel Torregrossa
Psychology - Education Sciences Sònia Darbra