Pedagogical and game- and sport-oriented activities

Pedagogical activities and game- and sport-oriented activities

To get the pupils actively involved, the activities are presented in a format they will find attractive, deal with contexts they can identify closely with, and require them to put research methodologies into practice to confirm or disprove starting hypotheses. In addition, the pupils are encouraged to engage in cooperative work, dialogue and reflection. They are offered two types of activities: pedagogical activities and game- and sport-oriented activities.

The pedagogical activities are facilitated by university lecturers. They consist of workshops, debates, case studies and projects whose aim is to put the above-mentioned competences and methodologies into practice.

The game-and sport-oriented activities combine physical exercise, creativity and learning through play, while fostering socialisation between fellow participants.

Campus Ítaca 2015 - First Period

Campus Ítaca 2015 - Second Period