Coordination with the schools

The respective commitments subscribed to by the UAB, the participating schools and the town councils are laid down in a formal agreement signed by Fundació Autònoma Solidaria and the Mayor of each town.

During the academic year, two meetings are held with town councils and schools. The first of these is to evaluate the previous edition and receive suggestions from the schools, and the second is to provide information on the running of the Campus and the mechanisms in place for taking part.

Campus Ítaca also coordinates with the schools in promoting the Beques Salari Ítaca Santander grants, since the pupils taking part in the Campus receive extra points towards obtaining these grants. Pupils with grants are monitored by the UAB's Psychopedagogical Advisory Unit (UAP) and the Area of Academic Affairs, in order for the grants to be processed through the General Registry, in the Rectorat building.