The UAB internal bus service

The dimensions of the Bellaterra campus makes it necessary to have a public transportation network that facilitates internal movements and, in turn, it’s connected to the train stations.
The UAB has a bus service that connects the train station with almost all campus buildings; moreover it offers a service to internal movements.
During the first phase of the Mobility Plan was restructured this internal service. To serve the entire campus in February 2010 increased lines (3 more), the frequencies and stops. Thanks to the five current lines all connections to the campus are covered by accessible vehicles and with frequencies ranging between 10 and 40 minutes depending on the time and displacement. With this latest change in the service the mobility is provided to all campus users.
The service is free for users of the campus and it’s open between 7:45 a.m. until 22.30h. During every school day (no service Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).


The UAB campus has eleven bus stops.
- In the Northern Arterial Road there are located CC.Education-FTI, Arts and Psychology and Sciences and Biosciences.
 - In the Central Arterial Road there are located the following bus stops: FGC-Central Arterial Road, Central Arterial Road and Engineering-SAF.
 - In the Southern Arterial Road there are located North Vila, South Vila, Medicina-CC.Communication and Eureka.
In addition two bus stops are located in the cross arterial roads: Veterinary-Rector’s and Graduate School-FGC.
It’s important to know which bus stop is located nearest to our study or work center. So, there is a document (see below) with a list of schools, institutes and colleges on campus related to the nearest bus stop.


There are four lines that connect train station with nearly the entire campus and a line (line 3) of internal movements. However, the five lines offer an internal mobility service without the need to connect the railway station.
The bus lines are:

Line 1 From Renfe to Rector’s (by Sciences)
Line 2 From Renfe to Vila (by Medicine)
Line 3 From Science and Bioscience to Eureka
Line 4 From Renfe to Rector’s (by Central Arterial Road)
Line 5 From Renfe to Vila (by Central Arterial Road)
For more information about lines, routes and timetables see the documents outlined below.

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