BICIUAB: the UAB integral project bike

The UAB Mobility Plan proposes to encourage the bicycle as a means of transportation to access UAB Campus, on the occasion of working or studying. The BiciUAB Project fixes the necessary actions to get this objective, at the level of infrastructures, bike parking and services.
Main actions:
- Infrastructures: Construction of bicycle lanes and define a unique cycle route network. The Project distinguishes between access, connection and internal routes. These typologies could change depending on necessities and space.
- Bike parking: Closed parking facilities in certain locations on Campus.
- Services:
               - The BiciUAB space. The integral service bike, which offers:
                              Store/Bicycle workshop.
                              Bicycle loans.
                              Entertainment activities.
                              Information point.
                              Bike garages.
               - BiciUAB insurance.

BiciUAB project to consult:


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