Maintenance of training for staff using experimental animals

Article 20 of Ministerial Order ECC/566/2015, of March 20, establishes that in order to maintain the initial training of personnel who handle animals for experimentation, continuous training activities must be carried out. These activities aim to guarantee improvement and must meet the following conditions:

  1. Giving or attending courses, seminars, presentations, workshops or scientific conferences, authorized stays at research centers or other activities aimed at learning new techniques, methods or regulations applicable to animal experimentation or updating.
  2. Training related to the modules corresponding to the qualified function.
  3. Each role requires a minimum of hours of training activities:
    1. Function a): 20 hours in 8 years.
    2. Function b): 25 hours in 8 years.
    3. Function c): 45 hours in 8 years.
    4. Function d): 40 hours in 8 years.
    5. Function e): 90 hours in 8 years.
    6. Function f): 90 hours in 8 years.

In the case of requesting more than one function, the hours of the category that requires the greatest number of hours will always be required.

  1. The training activities are accredited with diplomas or certificates of attendance with the content and duration of the training activity.
  2. They can allow the maintenance of different training functions.
  3. They must respect the conditions for the use of live animals in teaching and training practices.

It is the responsibility of the competent bodies (Generalitat de Catalunya) to verify the maintenance of the training of personnel using experimental animals, at least every eight years. This competent body can suspend the recognition of the training if the continuing training requirements are not met.

Training maintenance

To process the maintenance of the training, the application must be submitted through the following link, provided by the Generalitat.

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