Institute of Material Science of Barcelona (ICMAB)

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The ICMAB is a research institute of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), the largest research organisation in Spain focusing on basic and applied research. The initial and ongoing mission of the ICMAB is “to generate new knowledge in Materials Science and transfer it to society, particularly to industry within the European Research Area“. Cutting edge activities in Materials Science and Nanoscience-Nanotechnology are now the main objectives of the Institute.

The ICMAB, which is now more than 25 years old, keeps its initial enthusiasm which makes it a very attractive place to work for young researchers. At present the ICMAB includes about 220 people, with 58 scientists as permanent staff, of whom 10 per cent are professors at the Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies (ICREA).  
Our R&D activities are strongly backed by state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation and specialised technical staff available in our scientific services. We are ready and able to deploy R&D activities at the forefront of international knowledge.

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The ICMAB's mission is to integrate fully with the Barcelona Nanocluster in Bellaterra (BNC-b), a research network that includes the UAB, the CSIC and IRTA, part of the UAB Research Park of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (PRUAB). The BNC-b aims to share advanced scientific equipment and promote and disseminate nanoscience and nanotechnology.

The ICMAB therefore has a complete range of scientific services that are open to interested parties, whether these are academics or from industry, and it participates in all kinds of educational and promotional activities. Many ICMAB researchers teach on the UAB  Master's degree in Nanotechnology and Materials Science and also on the UAB degree on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.

Strategic research areas

1. Materials for information science and electronics:
1.1. Nanostructured magnetic materials and novel functional oxides.
1.2. Semiconductors and molecular materials with electronic, optoelectronic and magnetic functionalities.

2. Materials for energy and environment:
2.1. Superconducting materials and electrical power applications.
2.2. Chemically and electrochemically generated materials for energy harvesting, storage, fuel use, sensing and catalysis.

3. Biomaterials for drug delivery, therapy, diagnostics and sensing

4. Methodologies for materials science and nanotechnology:
4.1. Theory, simulation and modelling of materials and properties at the nanoscale.
4.2. Bottom-up strategies for assembling and preparation of functional molecular and/or inorganic (nano)materials.
4.3.  Scattering and microscopy methodologies for advanced materials investigation.

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Responsible: Prof. Xavier Obradors Berenguer

Address: Campus de la UAB (08193) Bellaterra

Telephone: 93 580 18 53