HIGHER project

HIGHER Project

Better Policy Instruments for High Innovation Projects in the European Regions

The HIGHER project is addressed to achieve innovative models of public private partnerships suitable to mobilize investment in related smart specialization areas and fostering an entrepreneurial discovery process in driving innovation process of the policy instruments.
The partnership of HIGHER is shaped by UAB Research Park, from Spain, as a leading partner, Marche Region and Abruzzo Region, from Italy; Nordregio, from Sweden; Innovation Centre INTELI, from Portugal; Lithuanian Innovation Centre; Association of Urban Municipalities of Slovenia; Region of Central Macedonia, from Greece, and the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership, from United Kingdom.
HIGHER will analyze and exchange experiences and good practices on the management and implementation of regional policy instruments designed to promote the innovation projects under the collaboration between research centers, industry and public authorities. This will be achieved through the analysis of nine policy instruments from one of each region involved in the project to promote the innovation projects under public private partnerships. The partners of the project will evaluate these instruments and try to identify which are their main weaknesses, developing a learning process to overcome the main obstacles around them and enhancing a better and more efficient implementation.

Thought basic methods, as workshops, study visits and thematic summits and developed ones, as joint analysis, peer reviews and e-learning modules, the different regions will exchange the experiences and good practices for the future improvement of the policy instruments of each region.

From April 2016 to September 2020.

The project is funded by Interreg Europe Program with 1.8 million Euros.