Projecte reWINE

reWINE Project

Glass bottles reuse in southern Europe wine sector

The main objective of LIFE-reWINE is to design and implement a pilot project showing the feasibility and desirability of glass bottle reuse system in the wine sector of Catalonia.
The partnership of HIGHER is shaped by UAB Research Park, as a leading partner, one spin-off of UAB, the Waste Agency of Catalonia, the Catalan Foundation for Waste Prevention and Responsible Consumption, the washing plant Maria Nutó and several wineries, as Cooperativa Falset i Marçà.
As a means to prove that reuse constitutes an environmentally and economically more suitable system, a comprehensive economical, environmental and social assessment will be performed and compared with the green point alternative.

The demonstrative character of this project lies in the development of a new process involving a well-known technology but implemented to a new product. Glass bottle cleaning technology will be applied to wine sector in Catalonia and a complete user-centric return system will be designed and implemented. Research insights and design strategies for overpassing cultural barriers and supporting a better return experience will constitute a valuable resource that will help other regions (especially in southern Europe) in envision the transferability of the project to other contexts.

From October 2016 to Desember 2019.

The total budget of the is 991.309€, of which 60% is provided by the LIFE Program of the European Union.