SeDit - Service for documentation and cross-cultural research

Description of Service

SeDit (Service for documentation and cross-cultural research) is a support service to research and teaching undergraduate and postgraduate at the Social and Cultural Anthropology Department with a series of specific functions:

a) Advice ethnographic (these services are aimed at academic and scientific community within and outside the UAB). In three basic areas:

- Audiovisual productions

- Teaching

- Scientific Research

b) Increased use of audiovisual and scientific research methodology and tool for communication and dissemination of results

c) Consultation document databases

- Human Relations Area Files (HRAF) and eHRAF (electronic version)

- Media Library Service

- Anthropological Resources on-line special scientific interest

d) Own production of scientific interest.

Research Groups Research Groups of the Anthropology Department


Institut Català d'Antropologia Catalan Institute of Anthropology


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