Seminars 2015

Speaker       Gabriel V. Montes Rojas 
City University London       
Title                          Job Market: "Modelling endogeneity bias using observables" with A. Galvao y S. Song
Day and time 8 January 2015, at 15:00 PM hours            
Speaker                   Pedro Sant'Anna
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid         
Title                      Job Market: "Nonparametric tests for conditional treatment effects with duration outcomes"                                                      
Day and time 13 January 2015, at 15:00 PM hours  
Speaker       Michele de Nadai
Universitá di Padova          
Title                         Job Market: "Nonparametric erros-in-variables models with measurement errors on both sides of the equation" with A. Lewbel
Day and time  15 de Enero de 2015, a las 15:00 PM horas  
Speaker         Andrea Ciani
Universitá Commerciale L. Bocconi         
Title                         Job Market: "Export quality upgrading under credit constraints"   with F. Bartoli            
Day and time 22 January 2015, at 15:00 PM hours  
Speaker       Brahim Boualam
Université de Genève          
Title                         Job Market: "Getting a first job: Quality of the labor matching in french cities"
Day and time 27 January 2015, at 15:00 PM hours  
Speaker                   Scott Kostyshak
Princeton University                
Title Job Market: "Non-parametric testing of u-shaped relationships"    
Day and time 2 February 2015, at 15:00 PM hours
Speaker       Luca Deidda
Università di Sassari        
Title                         "Debt discharge in entrepreneurial bankruptcy and the role of collateral as a sorting device"
Day and time 5 March 2015, at 15:00 PM hours  
Speaker                   Vania Sánchez
Title Applied lunch: "Urban spatial structure and journey to work distance in Mexican Valley"  
Day and time 19 March 2015, at 13:00 PM hours
Speaker                   Ana Larrea
Title Applied lunch: "Malnutrition and inequality in Ecuador"                         
Day and time 26 March 2015, at 13:00 PM hours
Speaker                   Dolores Gómez
Title Applied lunch: "Multiple uses of water, conflict and externalities: The case of Cauca river in Colombia"                         
Day and time 9 April 2015, at 13:00 PM hours
Speaker       Manuel Bagues
Aalto University Helsinki
Title                         "Favoritism in scientific committees: Evidence from a large-scale randomized natural experiment" amb Mauro Sylos Labibi i Natalia Zinovyeva                                                                                            
Day and time 16 April 2015, at 15:00 PM hours

Speaker                 Laurent Gobillon
Institut National d'Etudes Démographiques (INED)
Title                       "Regional policy evaluation: Interactive fixed effects and synthetic controls"                                                                                        
Day and time 23 April 2015, at 15:00 PM hours

Speaker      Zaki Wahhaj
University of Kent  
Title                       "Norms of intrahousehold allocation within nuclear and extended-family households in Burkina Faso"
Day and time       30 April 2015, at 15:00 PM hours

Speaker Julio López Laborda
Universidad de Zaragoza
Title                     "IRPF dual y transformación de rentas generales en rentas de ahorro"    
Day and time 7 May 2015, at 15:00 PM hours

Speaker      Jorge Onrubia
Universidad Complutense de Madrid   
Title                      "Evaluación de la reforma del IRPF 2015-2016: Impacto recaudatorio y distributivo"  
Day and time 14 May 2015, at 15:00 PM hours

Speaker     Iván Durán Pabón
Title  Applied lunch: "Public television and voting in Catalonia"              
Day and time    21 May 2015, at 13:00 PM hours

Speaker       Alicia Gómez Tello  
Title                     Applied lunch: "FDI and immigration flows: An empirical analysis for the Spanish case"                
Day and time 28 de maig de 2015, a les 13:00 PM hores

Speaker    David E. Castells Quintana
Title                     Applied lunch: "Malthus living in a slum: Urban concentration, infrastructures and economic growth"
Day and  time 1 October 2015, at 15:00 PM hours            
Speaker        Guiomar Ibañez
Title                    Applied lunch: "The determinants for partner choice for cooperative innovation: the effect of competition"     
Day and time 8 October 2015, at 15:00 PM hours  
Speaker              Helena Perrone
Universitat Pompeu Fabra       
Title "Price dispersion and informational frictions: Evidence from Supermarkets purchase"
Day and time 15 October 2015, at 15:00 PM hours  
Speaker       Xavi Ramos
Title                    Applied lunch: "Perception of corruption and public support for redistribution in Latin America"           
Day and time 20 October 2015, at 13:00 PM hours

Speaker      Luis Díaz Serrano
Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Title                    "Do schools discriminate against homosexual parents? Evidence from a randomized correspondence experiment in Catalonia"             
Day and time 21 October 2015, at 13:00 PM hours            
Speaker       Jorge Andrés Domínguez
Title                 Applied lunch: "Agglomeration effects and informal firms"                  
Day and time 27 October 2015, at 13:00 PM hours

Speaker Giordano Mion
University of Sussex    
Title                    "Unraveling firms: Demand, productivity and markups heterogeneity"   
Day and time 29 October 2015, at 15:00 PM hours  
Speaker        Sonia Agudelo
Title                 Applied lunch: "Downward real wage rigidity in Colombia"                
Day and time 10 November 2015, at 13:00 PM hours

Speaker      Saqib Jafarey
City University of London
Title                   "Pollution, mortality and optimal environmental policy"                   
Day and time 12 November 2015, at 15:00 PM hours

Speaker       Jens Suedekum
University Dusseldorf
Title                    "Adjusting to globalization: Evidence from heterogeneous worker-establishment matches in Germany"             
Day and time   19 November 2015, at 15:00 PM hours  
Speaker        Erik Dietzenbacher
University of Groningen 
Title                   "Regions going global: The case of Brazilian trade in value added"     
Day and time 26 November 2015, at 15:00 PM hours

Speaker              Kizkitza Biguri Pastor
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Title "How does access to the unsecured debt market affect investment"
Day and hour   1 December 2015, at 13:00 PM hours          

Speaker              Alicia Gómez Tello
Title "Land specialization in Spain: The effects of the Common Agricultural Policy"
Day and hour 2 December 2015, at 13:00 PM hours          

Speaker            Pedro Trivín García
Title                    "The effects of globalization and technology on the elasticity of substitution"  
Day and hour 4 December 2015, at 13:00 PM hours         

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