Frequent Asked Questions about the Anthropolgy Studies

* The FAQ with the asterisc are temporarily in catalan or spanish languages

> Where can I find schedules of courses and course examinations?

If you are an undergraduate, you will find the information here. If you are an EHEA undergraduate student, you can find here.

> Where can I find the classroom where they make the subjects of the course?*

Whether you are an undergraduate or EHEA undergraduate you'll find a room for this course in this link to the website of the Faculty of Arts.

> Where can I find the programs of the subjects?*

Whether you are an undergraduate or EHEA undergraduate you will find a brief description of each subject at this link.

> Where can I find reviews of anthropological models?*

You'll find some model tests subjects of anthropology at the link of the Libraries of the UAB.

> How do I know the final notes of my subjects?

On Internet there are two ways to know the qualifications of your courses through the Virtual Campus (see the subject in question) and via the Intranet Services UAB to paragraph Consulta de l'Expedient Acadèmic.

> How can I access the Virtual Campus?

To access the Virtual Campus courses truces have to go to

> How can I access my corporate email account UAB?

You have access through in paragraph mail Accés al Web mail Alumnes

> How can I divert my mail from the UAB Institutional ( to my personal email?*

To divert your mail to your personal email institutional (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc. or thunderbird, outlook, outlook express, etc.), please follow the instructions in the link of the Computing Service of the UAB. For any questions you can contact the CAS (Center and Support) in, or by phoning +34 93 581 21 00.

> How can I access the Human Relations Area Files?

The address is As a special agreement with the UAB, you must access from UAB campus or from UAB - VPN.

> How can I access the Web of Knowledge?*

The address is As a special agreement with the UAB, you must access from UAB campus or from UAB - VPN.

> What is the VPN (Virtual Private Network Service) at the UAB and how do I configure my computer to access?*

Virtual Private Networks Service(VPN) allows users to work remotely UAB resources that normally must be accessed from machines of the University. With this service, your computer will operate as if located on campus. This application enables you to view restricted only to the staff of the UAB, as the consultation UAB digital applications or access restricted to members of the University of selected electronic journals.

In this link you can follow the steps to configure your computer to remotely access the Campus.

> How can I generate PDF documents?*

Here you are the instructions in PDF produced by the Office of the Autonomous Interactive Teaching.

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