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Studies of Social and Cultural Anthropology

The Social and Cultural Anthropology is a discipline of social science that studies the variability of human cultures. Its specificity is based on a long tradition in the study of cultural diversity, research from a cross-cultural perspective and interest in intercultural relations. It is characterized also by the use of ethnography based on fieldwork, as a specific form of field investigation.

Today, anthropology is presented as essential for the study of issues such as inequalities and ethnic identities, class, gender or age, cultural variations in social interactions and flows, the functioning of organizations The analysis of complex manifestations of popular and traditional culture, or induced change situations that require action to address the specialized cultural diversity.

The Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology aim to ensure a solid discipline that helps determine the variability of cross-cultural systems and anthropological theory to be dealt with, as well as the methods, techniques and procedures for developing a critical ethnography. Specifically, the studies also seek to secure a first grade level of expertise in fourth year, offering two training options. An itinerary based on the epistemological debate, knowledge of the latest anthropological theories and research in progress; another route targeted for intervention and socio-cultural eco-cultural understanding through theoretical and practical bases for the implementation of Anthropology of the intervention study of experiences and knowledge of policies that serve as context for these interventions.

The Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology

The Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology at UAB in Spain was a pioneer in the introduction of Degree of Social and Cultural Anthropology and remains in the forefront of anthropological research and teaching in the state.

For over thirty years that teachers Anthropology UAB developing their teaching and their research into the ethnographic study in various parts of the world towards the development of anthropological theory in the tension between cultural specificity and comparison cross, thought epistemological, methodological and technical knowledge and application of anthropological knowledge in the various social action programs. It is this knowledge accumulated, the Department of Social Anthropology and Cultural UAB can provide their students at a time when, in the context of globalization, the intensification of international migration and other transnational dynamics make diversity Cultural some of the central themes of the Social Sciences.

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Institut Català d'Antropologia Catalan Institute of Anthropology


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