The Department of Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering

The Director of the Department carries out the day-to-day management, direction and representation of the Department.
The governing bodies of the Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering Department are:

  • The Departmental Council, presided over by the Director, is the governing body of the Department.
  • TheExecutive Committee is the ordinary governing and management body of the Department.  The responsibilities of the Executive Committee are those delegated to it by the Departmental Council and those provided in the Regulations of the Chemical Engineering Department.
  • The Management Team, who assists the Director of the Department, formed by members nominated by the Director.

The Department receives additional support for the management of the Department from:

  • Secretary:Carries out the tasks of departmental secretary and economic management.
  • Teaching and practicum:Teaching Plan, distribution of teaching within the Department staff. Practicum calendar and coordination of the different laboratories.
  • Teaching staff and postgraduates:Contracts, professor position committees, Coordination of doctoral programmes.
  • Equipment and services:Management of infrastructures, Department equipment and gas network. Spaces organisation, safety and general organisation.

Finally, the Department has its own Administration and Services staff that undertake administration and support tasks for the general management of the Department, research and laboratory teaching courses.

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Department of Chemical Engineering
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