Sostenibilidad y Prevención Ambiental (SosteniPrA) de la UAB, l'IRTA i Inèdit Innovació (2014 SGR 1412)

Investigador Responsable: Dr. X. Gabarrell i Durany

Miembros del Grupo

Investigadores: Dr Xavier Gabarrell (Titular d’Universitat), Dr Joan Rieradevall (Titular d’Universitat), Dra. Gara Villalba (Agregada U.), Dra. Assumpció Anton (Cientific Titular IRTA), Dr. Juan Ignacio Montero (Cientific Titular IRTA), Dr Pere Muñoz (Cientific Titular IRTA)..

Investigadores pre-doctorales: Anna Petit (Becari FPU), David Sanjuan (Becari FPU), Elena Eijo (PIF), Ana Nadal (Becari CONACYT), Mireia Ercilla (Becari FPI), Pere Llorach (Becari FPI), Ana María Manríquez Altamirano (Becari CONACYT), Perla Zambrano (Becari Universidad de Guadalajara).

Sostenipra is one of the leading research groups in the world of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), based on the bibliometric analysis of LCA published in The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment April 2015; as well as in the Industrial Ecology field (Collaboration patterns in industrial ecology research: 2015 update, Jonathan S. Krones, on ISIE 2015, UK.
From the period of 2011-2015 the Sostenipra research group has published 148 articles in indexed journals. It has participated in 10 international projects, 11 projects funded via European agencies, and over 7 projects that were funded via Spanish agencies. It was also the principal investigator on 1 EU funded project, called Ecotech Sudoe. Below is a list of selected articles and projects.
Over the last five years the research group has supervised 16 doctoral students (listed below) and has been the host to over 18 guest researchers. Some of these guest researcher include guests from Newcastle University’s Sir Joseph Swan Centre for Energy Research (UK), Universita de gli Studio de Bolonia (Italy), Universidad de Chapingo (Mexico), Univeristy of Toledo (USA), University of Utah (USA). With these last two the sostenipra is in the process of asking for a project grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF proposal number: 1559394 and 1559391).
The research group has also produced two proprietary softwares: edTOOL: web-based tool assisting the ecodesign process of products and services, (English and French version) , software registered at the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP). iDEPOT and CO2ZW, The Carbon Footprint Tool for Waste management, software registered at the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP). i-DEPOT ref. BOIP: 062509. (26-02-2015). Selected awards received include: The design award for recycling from the Departament Medi Ambient of the Generalitat de Catalunya (2001 and 2013), and The AQUAENVEC project, prize for the best project of European Union (2013).
Dr Xavier Gabarrell as well as Dr Joan Rieradevall (a lead researcher of Sostenipra) are two of six guarantors of the ICTA Maria de Maeztu Unit. In particular, ICTA identifies five multi-disciplinary strategic projects that will be put into practice during the 2016-2019 period. Dr Gabarrell leads one of them, which is: Combining engineering and economic-policy analysis to provide more complete information for policy makers about costs and rebound of technological design for climate solutions.

Doctoral Thesis defended by:
Ramon Farreny Gaya (24/02/2011); Montserrat Nuñez Pineda (16/06/2011); Jesus Rives Boschmonart (14/09/2011); Tito Morales Pinzón (14/09/2012); Ileana Maria Nidelvia Ceron Palma (17/12/2012); Julia Martinez Blanco (06/07/2013) (European Mention); Mohammad Rashendul Hoque (24/07/2013) (European Mention); Katherine Starr (22/11/2013) (European Mention); Davide Piscia (18/12/2013); Sergio Alberto Cruz Monteiro de Morais (22/01/2014) (European Mention); Eva Sevigné Itoiz (15/07/2014); Joan Manuel Mendoza (18/07/2014) (European Mention); Roberto Quirós Vargas (15/09/2014); Esther Sanyé Mengual (European Mention) (7/9/15); María Violeta Vargas Parra (25/09/2015); Sara Angrill Toledo (28/09/2015).

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