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Fundacion Carolina Grantship 2017

Thematic area

Arts and Humanities
Health Sciences
Social Sciences and Law
Technological Sciences


The Doctorate Scholarships are aimed at promoting the obtaining of the academic degree of doctor among the professors of the universities of Latin America associated with the Carolina Foundation. In all cases, it is the university or educational institution in Latin America associated with the Foundation that must nominate the candidates before the Carolina Foundation.

A doctoral program can be carried out in those Spanish universities that have signed an agreement with Fundación Carolina and in all academic areas, except in the two cases in which the Spanish university limits the doctorates to which it is possible to choose (see section "Benefits of scholarship").

The scholarship will allow obtaining the academic degree of doctor.

These fellowships are based on a co-financing scheme, which is set out in bilateral educational co-operation agreements, mainly inspired by the principle of equal opportunities

Type of aid

International Project
Other aids


The number of scholarships and grants offered in the Training Program corresponding to the 2017-2018 call is 521, which are broken down as follows:

304 postgraduate scholarships (273 new scholarships and 31 scholarship renewals)
154 doctoral fellowships and short postdoctoral stays (35 doctoral fellowships, 84 doctoral fellowship renewals and 35 postdoctoral short stays)
27 Brazilian Teacher Mobility Scholarships
2 entrepreneurship grants
34 grants from the CESEDEN Program


The scholarship scheme is dedicated exclusively and is incompatible with any other type of scholarship or economic remuneration without the knowledge and express authorization of the Carolina Foundation.

Failure to comply with these requirements, and those that are established in the letter of commitment to be signed by the fellow for the acceptance of the scholarship, as well as verification of the inaccuracy of the data provided by the fellow in the selection process, Give rise to the interruption and withdrawal of the scholarship, as well as to the claim of all funds invested in the fellow until now.

Intended applicants

Doctorate student
UAB Postgraduate Programmes students
Official master students

Type of course

Postgraduate programmes
Official master


To be eligible, you must meet the following requirements:

Be a citizen of one of the Latin American countries that are members of the Ibero-American Community of Nations.
Be in possession of the title of bachelor or engineer.
To be in possession of a master's degree awarded in accordance with educational systems outside the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), which accredits a level of training equivalent to that of the official Spanish Master's degree and which entitles the country issuing the title to Access to doctoral studies. Any master's degree awarded in a European Higher Education Area that provides access to doctoral studies will also be accepted.
To be a career or plant teacher, or administrative staff of an Ibero-American university, and be presented or sponsored by the same, with certification of institutional return commitment, once the doctoral studies have been completed.
Comply with the requirements of curricular excellence and professional experience.
Comply with the legal or contractual requirements established by the university of origin and the Carolina Foundation.
Have a letter of acceptance to the doctoral program by the Spanish university.
Do not be resident in Spain.
Not having started a doctorate in Spain prior to applying for the scholarship

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