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Erasmus Mundus in Vaccionology

Erasmus + LIVE JMD Programme is a unique European Master in Vaccinology dedicated to:
  1. Train the students from all countries to different cultures.
  2. Organize an integrated formation with a strong scientific background in Immunology, Infectiology, Vaccinology, but also multilingualism and multidisciplinarity: lesgislation, health policy and humanities around vaccionology. 
  3. Integrate know-how, know-what, know-why & know-who along the vaccionolgy chain: fundamental and translational research, industrial development and production, usage and epidemiological follow-up in vaccine clinical centres and communication. 
  4. Drive a very efficient and opened joint training between the academic and the industrial world to cover a definded list of jobs in agreement with the labour of market.
  5. Annually organize the VaxInEu SYMPOSIA international meetings.

For more information, go to this web site:
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