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 Faculty of Medicine  Faculty  Logistical services and the information point 

For any of the following questions please contact Logistical Services and  Information Point:

What to do in an emergency
Information about the classrooms and other premises of the Faculty.
Information on timetables for activities and other events that are held in the building.
Locker rental service.
Lost property.
Handing in of documents for registration and student cards
Mailbox for the Student Council and for student representatives of the Faculty.
Access to the Faculty.
For any other general question or clarification related to the Faculty.

Our public opening hours are 8am to 9pm except during the months of July and August when we are open from 8am to 8pm.


- Basic Medical Sciences Teaching Unit:

Gaudi Egea Gallardo
Tel: 93 581 19 01 Fax:   93 581 17 74
A/e: slipi.medicina@uab.cat

- Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau Teaching Unit:

NoemÝ Mirˇn
Tel: 93 456 19 00 Fax: 93 347 81 60
A/e: ud.Hospital.SPau@uab.cat

- ICS Teaching Unit - Vall d?Hebron Hospitals:

Isabel Calvo
Tel: 93 489 40 92 Fax: 93 428 27 10
A/e: ud.vhebron@uab.cat

- Teaching Unit of the Municipal Institute for Health Care (UDIMAS) -  Hospital del Mar:

Carme OllÚ
Tel: 93 248 30 49 Fax: 93 248 32 62
A/e: ud.imas@uab.cat

- ICS Teaching Unit - Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital (HUGTiP):

Carmen RamÝrez
Tel: 93 497 86 00 Fax: 93 395 22 29
A/e: ud.Hosp

-Parc TaulÝ Teching Group

Manuel MÚndez
Tel: 93 745 84 78
A/e: ud.parc.tauli@uab.cat  



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