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The licentiate's studies in Medicine have the aim to provide the suitable formation of them sciences that base the Medicine, affecting in the comprehension of the scientific methods, the beginning of the measure of the biological functions, the evaluation of the scientific proven facts and the analysis of the information. Study of the matters and of them practical clinics that provide a coherent vision of the mental and physical illnesses, both in the preventive aspect and in their diagnosis and therapeutic.

The licentiate of Medicine consists of six academic years of two semesters each one, and the subjects of every year can be annual or half-yearly.


The first cycle of the licentiate is integrated by the first, the second and the third years. The second cycle is integrated by the years fourth, fifth and sixth.


The first and second years are given at:


  • Unidad Docente de Ciencias Médicas Básicas, placed to the university Campus of the UAB, in Bellaterra.


The third, fourth, fifth and sixth, years the students are in the Educational Hospitable Units, placed in the same hospitals of those who take the name:


  • Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau
    • Unidad Docente de Sant Pau
  • Instituto Catalán de la Salud
    • Unidad Docente de Vall d’Hebron
    • Unidad Docente del Hospital Universitario Germans Trias i Pujol
  • Instituto Municipal de Asistencia Sanitaria (IMAS):
    • Unidad Docente del IMAS - Hospital del Mar


In all the Educational Hospitable Units there are classrooms, seminars, laboratories, clinical laboratories and of skills, and appropriate facilities in order that the theoretical teaching and own practice of the medicine is realized in the conditions and with the resources of these hospitals of the first level of the public Spanish health.


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