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Basic Medical Sciences Teaching Unit

The Basic Medical Sciences Teaching Unit offers basic pre-clinical or pre-hospital teaching. The courses are taught in the  first and second year of the degree in Physiotherapy, Nursing and Medicine.

The general facilities of the Teaching Unit include well-equipped classrooms and laboratories, the Faculty library, a bar-restaurant, photocopy service and relaxation areas.
The Unit is located on the UAB campus, enabling students to participate in the academic, cultural and sports activities on campus. Students can also take advantage of the campus accommodations and shopping facilities at the University Village.
Coordinator: Montserrat Solanas García
Secretary: Fernando Picatoste Ramón
Email: ud.cmb@uab.cat

Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau Teaching Unit

Degree classes from the third year of the course are offered. This teaching unit is situated at the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, an artistically-designed set of buildings by Domènech i Muntaner. Teaching began here in 1968-1969, coinciding with the start of the Faculty of Medicine and the founding of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.
The Teaching Unit pavilion is a three-storey building with a central courtyard and portico. In addition to the degree programmes there are also postgraduate courses, doctorates and courses offered by the School for Language Pathology.
The Unit has four classrooms, four seminar rooms, a meetings room, a reading room, a multidisciplinary laboratory, lecture hall and computer classroom. The Josep Laporte library serves the Unit. There are also relaxation areas and a cafeteria.
Coordinator: Antonio Escartín Siquier
Secretary: Isabel Badell Serra
Email:  ud.Hospital.SPau@uab.cat

ICS Teaching Unit - Vall d'Hebron Hospital

This Unit offers degree classes from the third year onwards. The Teaching Unit is located in the University Hospitals of the same name. Teaching activity there began in 1971-1972.
The Vall d'Hebron hospital complex consists of three centres: General Area, Maternity and Children's Area and Traumatology and Orthopaedics Area. The Teaching Unit is situated in a separate building with four classrooms each with a capacity for 100 students, three seminar rooms seating 35 each, a clinical skills room, a library and reading room and two computer classrooms.
Coordinator: Joan Nardi Vilardaga
Secretary: Vicente Garcia-Patos Briones
Email:  ud.vhebron@uab.cat

Teaching Unit of the Municipal Institute for Health Care (UDIMAS) -  Hospital del Mar

This Unit offers degree classes from the fifth year onwards. The UDIMAS is located in the Hospital del Mar, in the Barceloneta and Vila Olímpica neighbourhoods of Barcelona, next to the emblematic twin towers at the end of Carrer Marina.
The Teaching Unit offers the following facilities: four classrooms, a study room, two practical classrooms, a lecture hall, a computer classroom, a clinical skills room and a library.
Coordinator: Antonio Mur Sierra
Secretary: Joan Lluís Minguella Martí
Email:  ud.parc.salut.mar@uab.cat

ICS Teaching Unit - Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital

This Unit offers degree classes from the third year onwards. The Teaching Unit of the Catalan Health Institute, Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital, is located in Badalona, in the Can Ruti neighbourhood.
The Teaching Unit opened its own, fully-equipped building in 2005-2006. There are classrooms, seminar rooms, study rooms, laboratories, computer classrooms, lecture halls and meeting rooms. The aim is to carry out the teaching and research activities of a university centre and health education centre.
Coordinator: Benjamí Oller Sales
Secretary: Jose Maria Ribera Santasusana
Email:  ud.Hospital.GermansTrias@uab.cat

Parc Taulí Teaching Unit

This Unit offers degree classes from the third year onwards. The Parc Taulí Teaching Group is located in Sabadell, within the Parc Taulí Health Corporation, and this year it is offering clinical courses for third and fourth year Medical students. The future project is to incorporate this teaching group as an additional hospital teaching unit of the Faculty.
Coordinator: Ferran Segura Porta
Email: ud.Parc.Tauli@uab.cat

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